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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

There is Gold Dust in the Air!  This is Dr. Ponder's first book and a best seller.  This books enlightens you to to the divine laws of prosperity and how to use them to transform your life into the greater good you deserve.  Regardless of what life has dealt you, or what limitations you may have, study these prosperity laws and apply them daily.  Chapter 1, "The Shocking Truth About Prosperity", simplifies the shocking truth about prosperity, it is shockingly right instead of shockingly wrong for you to be prosperous!

The Dynamic Laws of Prayer  (Formerly Pray and Grow Rich)

Prayer is where the action is!  This book outlines in-depth how prayer can be used as a magical tool to create greater good in all areas of your life.  When you pray, you release a potent spiritual vibration that can be released in no other way, producing right attitudes, reaction and results.  Miracles can happen to you when you learn how to use Miracle decrees, as described in Chapter 7"The Prayer for Miracles".

The Dynamic Laws of Healing

This book explores in depth the shocking truth that you have healing powers within you! Learn how to use the laws of denial, forgiveness, release, affirmation, love and picturing to heal every aspect of your life.  There is another tremendous healing power as described in Chapter 8"The Miracle Law of Healing", the healing power of Jesus Christ!

The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages

You can have everything!  This wonderful follow up book to The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, shares with you the success secrets of Genesis, from the lavish creation story to the astonishing success story of Joseph.  In Chapter 3"Seven Secret Attitudes For Success: From the Creation Story", you are shown how the seven stages of creation are symbolic of seven mental attitudes you can use for your success now.

The Healing Secrets of the Ages

This book is your guide to the 12 vital healing mind powers that are within each of us.  In these pages are shared the incredible healing secrets known and invoked by the great minds down through the ages.  Chapter 1"The Healing Secrets Of The Ages Now Revealed" acquaints you with these age-old healing truths.  Learn these well-guarded healing secrets of the ages!

Open Your Mind to Prosperity

This book demonstrates how to open your mind to your rich source of abundance through mental changes and transformations by following the simple formula outlined in this book. By first listing your desires and them picturing them, you create your good on the invisible plane, but it is through the spoken word that moves the invisible to the visible world. Chapter 5"Create Your Prosperity Mentally First - Through The Spoken Word", explains the importance of affirmations through the spoken word.

Open Your Mind to Receive

It's time to receive!  This book explains why becoming open to your abundance is an important step in receiving your good.  Through the acts of giving and release, you open your mind to accept your good.  Chapter 1"Open Your Mind To Receive", and Chapter 2"Your Gift of Release", guides you in becoming more willing to receive.

The Millionaires of Genesis

This book guides you through the great leaders whose stories are told in Genesis, detailing all the different mindsets and lessons that lead to lasting prosperity and abundance through out Genesis.  There are two wonderful lessons and tools in this book that will assure your prosperity.  The first is in Chapter 7, "Jacob's Success Covenant, How To Make One", and then in Chapter 9"The First Billionaire Joseph", which explain how to make a prosperity map and the power of picturing.

The Millionaire Moses

This book is a wonderful journey through the manifestations and actions of Moses.  It explains how Moses taught the Hebrews that God is the source of supply, how to gather your prosperous manna, and spells out the prospering power of the 10 commandments. You will enjoy studying Chapter 6"The Prosperity Commandments", and applying them to your life.

The Millionaire Joshua

This book picks up where The Millionaire Moses leaves off.  This book guides you through the process of Joshua's growth from slave to millionaire, how he studied the prosperity teachings of Moses in the wilderness and applied them to enter the Promised Land.  You will be fascinated from Chapter 1"From Slave to Millionaire", to the Conclusion: "The Divine Commission For Entering Your Promised Land Where You Belong".

The Millionaire from Nazareth

This is a wonderful book that explains the teachings of Jesus Christ and the prosperity lessons it has for you.  It guides you right from the Introduction: "There is Gold In The Gospel For You!" through the teachings and examples used in modern day life.  Chapter 5"Prosperity From the Lord's Prayer", spells out how the early Christians' success secrets can be yours.

The Prospering Power of Prayer

Let's Pray and Prosper!  Learn how to use the power of prayer to prosper.  This wonderful little book explains the four types of prayer and how to use them in your life.  Chapter 1"The Simple Forms of Prayer That Can Prosper You", and Chapter 2"An advanced Form Of Prayer That Can Prosper You" lessons you on those four types of prayer.  Get ready to kick start your prayers!

The Prospering Power of Love

Divine love is a prospering, enlightening, harmonizing and healing power.  This popular slim book contains the knowledge necessary to use love as your secret weapon for success!  Chapter 5 and 6, "A Special Method of Love - Parts I and II", advance you into embracing the power of love in all aspects of your life.

The Secret to Unlimited Prosperity

This is another small and powerful book that sums up the Ancient Prosperity Formula for you.  It explains how to open your mind to unlimited supply, to receive, attract and accept your good.  Chapter 1"The Secret To Unlimited Prosperity", sums up the source of supply and why you should share your supply.

Dare to Prosper!

This is a small but powerful book that dares you to claim the prosperity that is yours now!  

The first chapter, "Dare to Prosper!" and the following chapters outline how you too can prosper!

A Prosperity Love Story

This is the personal memoir of Dr. Catherine Ponder's life.  Understand how she used the teachings in her writings personally to expand her good and prosper.  Follow her example she sets forth in Chapter 3"A New Era Begins".

The Heart of Prosperity

There are over 100 powerful quotes and affirmations in the little pocket book for prosperity.  Carry this little gem with you to inspire you through your daily activities.  Make everyday amazing!

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